Saturday, August 7, 2010

A New toy, PSH 9-6 WR ... First Surf today...

Today we had a swell from TS Colin when it was way down in the Caribbean. Now were feeling the effects of a 3.6 ft at 11 Sec Swell. Great way to test the new Wide Ripper. It's a totally different board than the 9-6 wide All rounder. More rocker, with nose lift,thinner rails, pulled in tail and thinner foil from nose to tail. Has plenty of float and very stable in the chop. It rides more like a short board and i have to re-learn how to use my legs to drive the board . I used the stock fins today but the next session I have a 7'' TK flex fin and GL 3's . We'll see how that set up will work. I do remember it took a while to figure out the Wide AA. . Love the challenge of getting a new board wired..
PSH 9-6 WR
Some rides from today.

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