Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Eco Boards From Starboard

Build boards, plant trees and fight plastic.

While shaping boards and our company’s culture, we also need to keep the Oceans in shape, they are our core business in all respects.

See our new re-launched Environmental website where you can learn about sustainability in our industry and what the Tiki Team is doing about it!

Featured: R&D Team member Ollie O'Reilly presents the Eco Board at last years conference in Noli, Italy 📸 David Altabev 

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Little wave session

Was able to get out on tues 24th.. Fun little waves on the Hyper Nut.
 Used the foil some too but I had so much fun SUP surfingI hopped back on the HN.

Monday, October 23, 2017

2018 Starboard Brand Video / 2018 Product updated website

Check out the new 2018 product offered from Starboard SUP

Hydro Foil /SUP Starboard Paddleboard Slingshot Foil $1500 price cut to 1250

Offered is a SlingShot Foil and Starboard 8-2 Wide Point SUP.The Foil is by Slingshot FSUP/FSURF hover glide. Complete set with two Masts 24'' and 15'' pedestal, fuselage, forward and rear wing plus the hardware and bag cover.. Used 5 times behind boat. Hover Glide FSurf/SUP Foil is designed specifically for surfing small-to-medium size waves. . best combination of foil size, shape, lift, speed, and mast length that surfers will gravitate towards. The Hover Glide FSurf/SUP Foil is designed to deliver surfers an advanced wave riding experience. This is accomplished with an early takeoff and gliding speed designed to match the speed of (waist-tohead high) waves which easy to learn. The SUP is a 2017 Starboard 8-2 Wide Point Starlite construction with carbon intergra rails surf shape in excellent condition. The foil attaches to the SUP using a ''foil-mount'' system that is adjustable . When not foiling you and paddle and surf with the SUP. FoilMount is a low profile attachment allowing any board or craft to become a foil.
Great way to get in the sport of foiling Can sell separately but prefer to sell as package.. $ now price cut to $1250   for both SUP and Foil . 

Feel free to txt or respond to ad Will get back to you Thanks for looking . Cash and pick up /meet for transaction. Item located in Hilton Head, South Carolina . txt: cal,  8 four three- six 8 four- zero 2 Hundred

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Paddle Surf Clinic with Zane Schweitzer of Starboard SUP

Epic Board Sports down in Cocoa Beach Florida put on a SUP clinic with Starboard's Zane Schweitzer..  Fun waves, fun time ...Smiles and Stoke 

For all you SUP needs in Cocoa Beach, Fl.

Monday, October 2, 2017

Paddle in the creek w new Starboards

Strong winds made us stay in the creek. On the new 2018 Starboards.. The 12-2 Pine Tek Free Ride and the 11-6 Go Tikihini. Sales rep Tony Weaver visiting showing off some of the new SUP's  

Thursday, September 28, 2017

H-Cane Maria for HHI

A few pics from Hurricane Maria as it passed bye South Carolina. I'm sure the whole East Coast was firing.. Was fun while it lasted and hope you all got you share..  

Monday, September 25, 2017

2018 STARBOARD Sprint / All Star

 Explaining the new 2018 Sprint and All -Star from Starboard 

Back on the Blog.. Its been a long Summer away from the sport running waverers and on boat trips. Finally back in the water and will do my best to add content several times a week. Thank you all for looking and following the site and look forward to sharing SUP content again..  MAHALO 

Couple pics from surf session the other day