Sunday, August 29, 2010

H-Cane Danielle blows...

With Hurricane Danielle spinning in the middle of the Atlantic sending swells up and down the coast, we here in the Lowcountry of South Carolina are experiencing East North East winds being on the backside of a stalled front off shore. The swells are being jumbled up with the 15-20 knot ENE winds. Total slop and chop on the waves.. local buoy readings show Swell from Danielle but the ENE winds over shadow the wave.
Significant Wave Height 6.2 ft
Swell Height : 3.0 ft
Swell Period : 14.8 sec
Wind Wave Height : 5.6 ft
Wind Wave Period: 5.3 sec
Wave Steepness: VERY_STEEP

Jesse and I looked at several places to paddle but ended up an Palmetto Dunes for a wind blown choppy session. Too much effort for too little reward.. We were able to snag a few waves but it was a workout... Hardest part was trying to position yourself so you can set up for the wave. The strong wind and 3 ft chop moved the board at will...

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