Monday, April 2, 2012

Some pics from yesterday's'' Paddle for a Purpose''..

What an amazing day. The ''Paddle for a Purpose'' event raised $ 3800 thats all being donated to Hospice of the Low Country and HPH Hospice in Hudson Fla. Over 70 paddlers were able to get out on the water and share their passion with many new comers to the sport. Lots of thanks goes to my Dad for his tireless support, encouragement and faith in me & my brothers and I am very lucky and proud to have such awesome parents I can emulate.. Darline from Hospice and her staff for their support and allowing me make this event possible.. H2O Sports and Outside Hilton Head making paddle boarding possible on Hilton Head.. To all the businesses who donated prizes and gifts for auction and raffle. I thank you.. Everyone who took time out of their life and showed support and donating for the Purpose.. The Biggest thanks and many MAHALOs got the Scott Allen and his great staff for allowing me to host the event at Scott's Fish Market.. He made it all possible.. Thanks Scott.
Here are some pics from yesterday.

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