Sunday, April 22, 2012

Hunting Island with the Boy'z

We scored so fun waves today .  We loaded up the Tundra with all types of wave riding vehicles and trippin' we went. Waves were between waist high to head high during our 5-6 hour session. in the water little after 7 am and exited the water just after 1 pm.. Pat Burrell, Greg Richie, Jesse and I with RuRu, BA. Capt. Don and Perry met us there . Great day. Then we still had waves rolling thru tonight too in the thigh waist high .. 

 Jesse off the Lip on the 8-10
 Perry on his PSH
 Pat  on a nice right
 Greg Slotted 
 Walls all around me

A couple shots of the SUP session today with Jesse and I 

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