Thursday, September 2, 2010

H-Cane Earl Paddlesurfed for 5 hours ...

Paddled south Forest beach today has Hurricane Earl passed bye Hilton Head today. Forecasts suggested larger surf at 5-8 ft but we did not see that here. Strong offshore winds, a fast moving system and the build up of sand 3to 4 miles offshore hindered our sizable surf. Some of the bigger waves rolled thru earlier in the tide but for the 4-5 hour session these waves peeled over this sandbar making for spectactular rides. It may have not been way overhead but the quality of clean waves made up for it. I surfed hard today getting the new board wired .

Tim Neil was on the beach at Burke's beach shooting the action . Want to see if you are in the lens eye , visit Tim's SMUG MUG site and view the session captured today.
Here is the link.

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