Sunday, January 17, 2010

St.Augustine session today...

Returning from the surf expo we stopped in St.Augustine for a session. Pat Burrell, Cooper, Jamie and I caught fun waves just as the strong winds went offshore and waves peaked before getting beat down. Jamie and I had to deal with the 15-20 knot winds outside on the stand ups as Cooper and Pat surfed the inside barrels. We all caught some great waves. I had two late take offs that the lip just crushed me letting me know.. ''just who is the boss''.. Was a great session after driving a few hours in anticipation of waves. ''Soothed the soul''.

Thanks to Tim Neil shooting from the shore we were able to relive the memories in digital j-peg. Visit Tim's site for those and many other great shots. Drop in and take a peak and see if he has a shot of you.. Order the pic, or make a T-shirt, mug ect.. Have that precious moment of you in action ..

Coop' in the slot.

Pat up on the north peak

Glen on an outside left ...

' O-no you Dont! '

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