Sunday, January 24, 2010

Pat LeMahaute Custom Race Stand Up Paddle Boards

Yesterday I was introduced to Pat LeMahaute who shapes custom RACE stand up paddle boards. LMShapes Pat's logo builds custom racing SUPs. Each board is designed to suit the racer's weight, height and stability requirements for proper drag profile and stability curves.
Pat LeMehaute started shaping sailboards in the late eighties. With an engineering degree, he brought a technical edge to sailboard design and cont ruction.Under the Berky Composites label, he produced both molded and custom sailboards using the most advanced composites techniques available. In the late 90's, many of the top World Cup competitors were racing on Berky Composites Sailboards.As the sailboard industry declined in the early 2000's, he shifted gears and got into boat building. The end result was a 38' trimaran which is currently day chartered in Hilton Head, SC.With over 20 years of shaping and composites experience, coupled with an extensive knowledge of hydrodynamics and computer aided design, Pat LeMehaute can fulfill the requirements of your next competitive SUP.
I had seen one of his boards and its unique shape that the nose displaces the water the bottom reduces drag and a recessed deck area the board just glides in the water. Kevlar glassing makes the 12ft board very light. Check it out, right here on Hilton Head ..

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