Sunday, December 6, 2015

2016 HYPERNUT By Starboard

SUPboarder gives you an independent review of the 2016 Starboard Hyper Nut 6'10''. A surf stand up paddleboard (SUP) designed for small/med weight riders. But it is also available in many different sizes to suit all weights of riders. An incredibly stable board to surf for its size. Easy, Responsive and Fast are the three words that sum up the Hyper Nut. A board you must have a go on in 2016.

Size : 6'10''x26.5”x3.8”
Volume : 91L
Fins : (4 Fin) Quad setup

Starboard 2016  offers the Innovation breakthrough shapes and technology with the Hypernut and Nut SUP's  
A compact performance fast stable and reactive due to its short length with its insane projection and tight turning from its inverted nut rails. 7 different sizes 

Go to the link below to see the Starboard Hypernut.. 

Hypernut in action 

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