Monday, November 25, 2013

Chilly Nor Easter waves..

Here are a few pics of Jesse Cadman at the Beach Club getting out in yesterday's developing Nor Easter conditions. Water temps have dropped drastically into the mid-upper 50's *F .  and air temps  just at 50*F with 15- knots,  in side offshore winds.    Water temps dropped fast in just two weeks.
This  =  BBBRRRrrrrrrrrr..   
Booties, Gloves and Hood are the equipment of choice for the next couple three months..  
This means frequent trips south  …..

Jesse all neoprene'd  up and this guy paddles out in water resistant shell. We watched his outerwear fill up with water as he rolled and tumbled in 2 ft of water on the inside..
'' Not the SHARPE' est tool in the shed''

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