Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Stolen Kialoa Paddles

Hi everyone. Be on the look out for two Kialoa Paddles that were taken from the back of my truck. Either late yesterday evening at Harbour Town in Sea Pines or early today in the Wal-mart parking lot or Greyco hardware lots. My even been from my garage last night.time line was 16-17 hours.. ... a Methane Carbon Fiber Kialao paddle 78 inches and a PuPu green bladed pretty new also 78 inches. Both have distinguishing features with nicks and scrapes from my year of use on them.  ... . The Methane paddle is one of 8 on the Island and I know the other 5 SUP surfers who have them. The PuPu is pretty common  several paddlers have them and two shops sell them.. Please keep an eye out for them.. I know its my fault for keeping them in the bed  of my truck  but now I've learned my lesson .... I'm too trusting  I guess...  

The two above pics are stock pics of  the paddle and the one's below are the actual paddle each..


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