Thursday, June 24, 2010

Fun waves, Converted Nancy and Gerry to the Dark Side

Fun little waves this morning from the easterly push and the Low that was east of the Islands a few days ago.... SUP heaven.. Great to get back in the surf on the SUP. Too much flat water paddling you loose balance and you go stale..
Jesse on my PSH throwing the turn , yea baby..

Gettin' it on for the rebound

Nancy and Gerry with their 10-6 WAA first time in the surf. Standup converts.

Nanci's exit from the surf. She was granted the maiden voyage for the surf..
Gerri on his try and getting the wave.. Welcome to the Dark side..
Scott Allen on his SUP gettin' waves
Scott on a backside back lit wave..
Chris Hughes catching a few on my Stand Up.. Its spreading like wildfire..

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