Thursday, February 18, 2010

Paddled Palmetto Dunes lagoon system today....

We have been getting cold, strong, gusty West to North West winds the last few days making for a flat ocean, choppy creeks ,rough white caps in the sound. I decided to paddle the sheltered lagoon system of Palmetto Dunes Resort. An 11 mile salt water lagoon system that is lined with semi-tropical vegetation, over hanging trees and narrow passages. The lagoon system provides for eight miles of scenic boat tours, and serves as the backdrop for the resort’s three championship golf courses and multi million dollar properties of Hotels, Timeshares and Homes along the ocean front community. The lagoon system was developed by dredging the sand from inside the property and placing it on the beachfront creating the dunes. . Thus creating a lagoon system. It provided a template for the neighborhood of Palmetto Dunes as well as a wide range of amenities. Tidal gates were installed 30 years ago in two spots to control the tides and flush the lagoons to keep the water clean and pristine. Its a great fishing and kayaking ecosystem and now after three years of stand up paddling, I finally decided to get out there and experience another piece of SUP paddle heaven.
This time I will bring others to enjoy.. Want to go? contact me..
The yellow trail was my paddle route today. 5-6 miles maybe..

Trent Jones Golf course in backgroung. Received a lot of looks today and I watched a golfer hit two balls in the water then threw his club across the tee box..
No homes near this passage and it seemed like a world away..

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